What forms of payment are accepted?


We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance as well as private pay. Staff at Breese Nursing Home will assist you with contact information and the application process. In addition, we work with numerous insurance programs.

Private pay rates start at $140.00 per day, are based on a point system, thus you are only paying for the services you need.


Medicare Part A will pay up to 100 days of skilled care if the individual qualifies, but skilled care is narrowly defined, Medicare payments will usually last for only a short time and are temporary.

Medicare is a Federal health insurance program.  Under Medicare Part A, the first twenty days may be covered in full.  From days 21-100, Medicare will pay a portion of the cost of care if you continue to require skilled services.   The patient will be responsible for part of the cost (called the “co-pay”) of your stay.  The days will be covered by Medicare A only if the person had a qualifying three midnight stay in the hospital before entering the nursing home, the resident needs certain skilled care or if treatments are showing improvement in the individual’s condition so continuation of treatment is valuable.  Medicare A stops paying when the treatment ends or the 100 days are used. Detailed financial information is required if you apply for Medicaid (public assistance). Visit www.medicare.gov for more information on Medicare.



Intermediate Care is provided for patients who are recovering from acute conditions but do not need continuous care or daily therapeutic services.  Intermediate care is provided by skilled professionals such as nurses or therapists under the supervision of a physician.  Medicare Part A does not cover intermediate care in nursing homes.

Medicaid will pay for Intermediate Care services if the individual is eligible.  For those who have limited income, Medicaid may be an option.  Medicaid is a joint federal-state health care program for people with a low income.  In Illinois, a person must apply to the State of Illinois through the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain Medicaid eligibility.  Strict criteria must be met in order to qualify for Medicaid.  The State of Illinois will not pay bills more than three months prior to the date of application. Visit www.medicaid.gov and go to Illinois for more information on Medicaid.


Veterans Administration:

If you are a Veteran, there may be assistance through the Veterans Administration. A person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable may qualify for VA health care benefits.  In order to access these benefits the Veteran must first apply for enrollment.  In Illinois, the nursing home must have a contract with the VA in order to accept payment for the nursing home stay through the Veterans Administration.


Wartime Veterans’ Improved Pension Program:

The Wartime Veterans’ Improved Pension Program is a program that provides financial assistance to wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouses who reside in long term care or assisted living facilities.  An application must be completed and other criteria must be met in order to be eligible for the program.

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is a free counseling program where trained counselors provide answers to questions related to Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Long-Term Care Insurance, Prescription Coverage and low-income assistance.