What should I expect once I choose Breese Nursing Home?

  • Prior to arriving at the facility, the interdisciplinary team will review your medical records to ensure that we can provide you with the medical care and support services you will need for you to achieve optimal physical and emotional health.
  • The facility is required to have a PASSR screen to confirm that you currently need a skilled nursing facility and the facility is also required to complete a background check on the patient.
  • Initial paperwork can be completed prior to arriving at the facility.
  • After arriving at the facility, your attending physician will visit you and recommend your individualized plan of medical treatment, supervise diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and prescribe medications.  The interdisciplinary team members will be visiting to complete various assessments to identify your current status and needs.  The interdisciplinary team will also meet with the patient and family to discuss a plan of care to help the patient achieve and maintain their highest level of function and independence and safely return to their home.


Advance Directives:

Advance Directives are the legal documents and advance care planning is the process that allows you to make your wishes for care known to others.

Everyone has the legal right to accept or refuse treatments.

If you have shared your wishes for care in advance, you can help relieve the stress and worry that making medical decisions for someone else can cause.  It is important to complete the documents that share your wishes with the family members and your healthcare team so everyone understands the kind of care you want before a medical crisis occurs.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare-Advance Directive should be completed by everyone over the age of 18.  This document allows you to choose the person you want to speak for you regarding healthcare decisions when you cannot speak for yourself.  This person makes decision only if you are not able to make your own decisions, as determined by your doctor.   You should also talk to your doctor about your wishes.

The Uniform Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR)/POLST Advance Directive form allows you to request or forbid cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to try to restart your breathing and heart should your heart and/or breathing stop.  The form also allows you to request all treatments, or limit treatments or comfort care following an emergency.  The POLST form is an advance directive in accordance with Illinois law.  It is NOT intended to replace a Power of Attorney for Health Care form.  It should be used in addition to the Power of Attorney Form.


Transition To Our Skilled Nursing Facility:

Communication and listening are important during the transition period.  Each patient is an individual and has different needs and wants.  Our facility will respect your needs and adapt our care and services to meet your individualized care and personal preferences.

Moving into a nursing home can be difficult for the patient and family even if it is a temporary move.  Empowering the patient to make their own decisions on their care will maintain a sense of control that they have had through their adult life.  Discussing and supporting the patient’s decisions alleviates anxiety and stress.   Family, friends and frequent visits will provide reassurance to the patient that you will be there for support.   Our friendly staff will provide a nurturing, supportive environment to assist with healing the mind, body and spirit.